Emulating Sarah Palin's Style

Forget Hillary’s bright orange suits; a newer and classier look has moved into town with the announcement of McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. It’s no secret that Sarah Palin is hot, but this political iconista is a fashionista as well. This is just more proof that this new momma is completely capable of multi-tasking. While most politicians tend to lose ‘style’ and focus on government (rightfully so), this lady sveltely manages a tight handle on both.

Sarah Palin’s classic look is all the rage right now, and her Ralph Lauren-esque suits and turtlenecks capture an essence that never goes out of style. Her solid, rich colors are totally timeless, too, and she adorns them with small, simple jewelry accents.

Varying her simple wardrobe by mixing navy and black hues with peach and pink softness, Sarah Palin embodies the true diva look of Hollywood’s historical greats, like Grace Kelly and Bette Davis. She is certainly the first possible VP with serious VIP style.