Samuel Granados' Migration Maps Turn Populations into Toy Blocks

 - Feb 28, 2011
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Cartography is a compelling study that works strives to analyze various aspects of a geographical regions and their characteristics, and Samuel Granados' Migration Maps take the analysis to a playful level.

The artist's Mexico Emigrants and American Cartogram collect that data from the Development Research Center on Migration, Globalization and Poverty, and turn it into toy blocks to create 3D artworks.

Where every single piece of LEGO represents 10,000 immigrants, the Samuel Granados' Migration Maps reveal an undulating and often jagged analytical topography across North America. Color-coded within each region, the overall appearance of such systematic creations appears to be more artistic than your run-of-the-mill map.

Allowing the viewer to extract his own conclusions about population displacement, these plaything demographic projections carry an unexpected breadth of information within such trivial trinket arrangements.