These Prints by Sabrina Tibourtine are the Perfect Match for Every Wall

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: maricazottino & etsy
At the first glance, these collage prints by Sabrina Tibourtine strike the eye with their retro, vintage appeal, clearly inspired by those old American ads of the 50s, featuring gentle, polite housewives and working husbands. A closer look however, leads the observer to discover hidden twists that enhance the scene with color and irony, such as misplaced gold fish or divers plunging in a sea of flowers.

The delicate balance between vintage allure and contemporary composition of these pieces is seen in the soft-toned backgrounds contrasted by bright-colored details, making these collage prints the perfect match for every wall. Ultimately, these prints by Sabrina Tibourtine are the perfect way to add artistic value to your home with a large dose of modern irony.