The 'S' T-Shirt Collection Gives You an Excuse to Stare at Her Chest

 - Apr 13, 2010
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With 3D technology enjoying the enormous success it has in theaters right now, there's no guessing that it will start moving to other mediums. The 'S' t-shirt collection is an example of how it might begin to invade the fashion world. Adorned with trippy 3D computer graphics, these tops are sure to be a hit with sci-geeks and potheads alike--who, strangely enough, often end up being the same people.

Created by Giorgi Dadiani, the 'S' t-shirt collection may just cause strangers to stare at you for awkwardly long periods of time, but hey, at least you have an excuse to overuse the line, "My eyes are up here!"

Plus, one of the tees features two wolves baying at a 3D moon. I think I just sold you right there.