Artist Ryousuke Ohtake is Carved Out of Boxwood

 - Jun 4, 2014
References: & thisiscolossal
Ryousuke Ohtake has just completed his first jizai okimono sculpture, a niche Japanese craft that "involves carving realistic animals whose bodies and limbs are all animated through joints just like the real living thing," according to This is Colossal. Ryousuke Ohtake decided to tackle the intricate form of a large lobster, getting everything from its beaded eye to the texture on the tail down to a T.

An incredibly intricate creation, the lobster is considered the most difficult and challenging subject, yet that didn't deter Ryousuke Ohtake. Carved out of wood, which is considered far more difficult than using traditional copper, Ryosuke Ohtake's sculpture was recently part of a wooden sculpture exhibition at Tokyu Department Store in Tokyo, astounding many.