The Rubber Bandit is for the Sophisticated Troublemaker

 - Jun 17, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
References: andymangold & uniquedaily
The Rubber Bandit is the rubber band gun for adults who never quite let go of their troublemaking younger years. This rubber band gun is handcrafted out of curly maple and bloodwood--classy!

The Rubber Bandit comes with three barrels, allowing you to hit as hard or soft as you want. Designs like this prove that even though you have grown older, you don't necessarily have to grow up. I'll take two.

Implications - This is perfect. After spending years a youngster attempting to make my hand look menacing with an elastic band on it, the Rubber Bandit does it for me. I've lamented the lack of technologically advanced toys I had as a younger before, but this one takes the cake.

Somebody in the office is going to catch a hot one (or two) when I get my hands on this.