Rotating Hammer Protects Your Wrist from Avoidable Strain and Pain

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: yankodesign
Very rarely are you trying to put a nail into the wall with perfect ergonomic form. The rotating hammer accounts for the fact that some hardware will need to be positioned high up, and that some is best inserted on a slant. The Hammelean concept was developed to make the act of hammering a nail a little more comfortable for the handyman or woman by enabling the head to be adjusted for each task.

A lock in the end of the instrument can be opened, allowing you to rotate the mallet according to the job at hand. Inscribed markings help you to align the component accurately, even helping you to better set up your nail. Designers Kim Hyeokjoon, Junki Ahn, Kim Juil and Cho Jungin should transform this from concept to prototype!