The Roll Light Begins as a Flat, Flexible Material That Curls in Your Palm

 - Dec 13, 2013
Despite how it might seem, you are not looking at a flashlight. The Roll Light is actually a rectangular illuminating material that's just 2 centimeters thick and measures 37 by 28 centimeters in length and width. This form makes the lit-up object all the more versatile, especially since it's pliable.

Designed by Professor Kim Byungsoo, Choo Sumin and Park Hyeryoung, the handheld light fixture can be laid flat on a table, pasted to the wall, hung over closet rails and slung over tree branches. Made from durable silicone with embedded LEDs, the 2013 Red Dot Design Award winning product is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The Roll Light has a charging socket that can give it 5 hours of power, during which you can use is passively or actively as it's curled up in your hand.