Roger Arquer Non-lethal Traps

 - Oct 29, 2007
References: rogerarquer & dezeen
Mousetraps that are intended only to catch mice, and not kill them, have been conceptualized by award-winning Industrial Designer Roger Arquer.

An answer to those who hate mice but also hate witnessing their gory death, these mousetraps make use of everyday household items like clear glasses, metal springs, paper clips and metal nuts.

One example of a series of mousetraps he designed is the "Mouse in a Planting Pot," as shown in the gallery. 

According to Arquer, "‘Mouse in a Planting Pot’ is a glass planting pot which has a long spring attached on the top going down outside. Once the mouse climbs up and goes at the end of the spring, the spring bends in and the mouse falls inside the container, when it releases the spring. It gets caught since the spring has returned to its original position."