Wearing These Rock Leggings are a Sign That You are Rad

 - Dec 28, 2013
References: romwe
These rock leggings will tell everyone what a radical rocking dudette you are. If your hands are sore from continually giving the "rock on" hand gesture at every possible occasion, wear these and give your extremities a rest.

These rock leggings are from online retailer Romwe. They are made of spandex and Dacron. The leggings are black with little gray dots on the top of them, forming circles.

At the bottom of the leggings is a white hand that is making a rock symbol. The two middle fingers are being held down by the thumb and the pinky and index finger are sticking out. The nails on the hand have black polish on them. Below the hand, the arm it is attached to is wearing a black bracelet with silver studs going around it.