The 'Machines & Triangles' Robot Artwork is Monochromatic

 - Jun 1, 2013
These beautiful Robot artwork illustrations by graphic artist Oren Haskin modernly captures robots as playful, fun and always-smiling cyborgs.

Made solely with tiny clusters of black and white dots, these robot artwork illustrations are extremely detailed and surreal. Each robot is designed entirely out of geometrical shapes, such as triangles, circles and rectangles. Oren Haskin captures robots as awkwardly tall metallic bots doing the iconic robot dance -- one robot even has an extreme coif while he dances. Drawn in a cartoon style, the depth of shading Haskin was able to achieve using only dots is remarkable. My favorite is the robot with the ironic heart that smiles anyway, despite the fact that he's made of metal.

A fresh take on the typically realistic robots, Oren Haskin's robot artwork is friendly and amusing.