Ro and l'Homme Pendu Devoured by Creepy Street Art Creatures

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: fatcap & thisiscolossal
French street artists Ro and l’Homme Pendu collaborate to create this engaging graffiti.

The pieces are grouped together in a collection titled ‘Animae Dementia.’ The ghoulish creatures loom over the abandoned urban landscapes in a playful, yet daunting way. Each creature is wiry and dark, created with dulled neutrals or in grey scale, threatening to gobble up the artists. The massive works are created using a ‘wheat-pasted’ paper technique rather than the traditional use of spray or canned paint.

This spontaneous ‘animal madness’ and the involvement of the artists allows for a better experience for the audience. Ro and l'Homme Pendu suspend themselves within the work, appearing to be gobbled up by the twisted creatures. The partners have made installations in Berlin and close to Notre Dame in Paris. These powerful and playful installations have viewers hanging on for more.