Groove at High Speeds with AvatarLabs' Rhythm Racer 2

 - Jul 7, 2010
Driven by its recent success with Rhythm Racer, a popular game app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, AvatarLabs has launched Rhythm Racer 2.

Like the first, Rhythm Racer 2 (also available now for the iPad) provides the player with a full—and free—3D racing experience to blood-pumping rock beats, in which no two races are ever the same. This time, however, the game offers more music by more big name, platinum artists including The Crystal Method, Parry Gripp and Ordinary Peoples—and, more "dynamic game play."

Said Rex Cook, CEO and founder of AvatarLabs, "We listened to the more than quarter million fans who downloaded the original Rhythm Racer app and craved more music and more features…Rhythm Racer 2 and Rhythm Racer 2 HD for iPad deliver on all levels, offering more free music and more music overall, from both independent and platinum artists."

Check out the video to see the trailer for Rhythm Racer 2 and click through the gallery for screen shots from the game.