The Replenish Reusable Bottle System Has the Environment in Mind

 - May 12, 2011
References: doobybrain & coolhunting
Did you know that in a regular plastic bottle cleaner, only five percent of the product is concentrated cleaner? The rest is filled with water from local factories and the plastic bottle is rarely used more than once. The Replenish Reusable Bottle System cuts down this environmentally harmful process with a unique design.

By designing a reusable cleaning bottle, the Replenish Reusable Bottle System uses ninety percent less oil, plastic and CO2 emissions. The bottle is fixed with a concentrated pod of cleaner and then filled with local tap water. To mix the two together, one simply has to tip the bottle upside down. When the cleaner runs out, instead of replacing the entire bottle, only a small pod of concentrated cleaner needs to be bought. Now that is eco-friendly.