Relumen by Alexander Nettesheim Delivers Diffuse Illumination

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: alexander-nettesheim
Where many light fixtures incorporate lampshades in order to dim the intensity of their bulbs, Relumen by Alexander Nettesheim demonstrates a different method. Instead of shrouding the bright source of illumination or simply pointing it right at the user, this designer experiments with reflection.

A spotlight-like lightbulb is installed in the base of the bent metal floor lamp, angled towards the creased erect form of the standing home accessory. The chic abstract piece has these faces finished with a shiny hexagonal layer that mirrors the white rays of the globe up and out from below.

Despite the fact that the blub can be found at the bottom, the object throws a glow from the entire height of its abstract sculptural form. Relumen by Alexander Nettesheim can cast sufficient luminescence in a manner that's softer and more resourceful than most floor lamps.