Red Letter Days Infographic Exposes The Usual Suspects of Lazy Presents

 - Dec 12, 2012
The Red Letter Days infographic helps to identify the terrible gift givers this holiday season.

It’s sad but true that when it comes to gift-giving, people know what to expect from certain individuals, labeling them as the lazy shoppers of the thoughtless mind, but which exactly is which? Are they the typical Recylcer who re-gifts all the unwanted presents? Or are they the Creative who loves to give handmade items? (This is where those ugly sweaters come from). No matter which gift-giving identity these individuals possess -- the Show Off, the Self-Pleaser or even the Delegator -- don’t be afraid to expose their lack of effort, though next year’s gifts may go down the drain. Better yet, hand out lists ahead of time to ensure that the desired gifts are given, making the giver and receiver’s life a lot easier.