Raygun52 Predicts What the Weapons of 2258 Will Look like

 - Aug 19, 2011
References: raygun52 & laughingsquid
There is an outside shot that the future of the firearm lies somewhere within the many submissions to Raygun52. Google designer Alex Griendling is the mastermind behind this site, which asks artists a simple question, "What would an energy weapon look like in 2258?"

The answer to that question is "odd" to say the least. 52 guns were accepted for this project, with a new gun being released each week of the year. So far, the weapons debuted run the gamut from realistic to really, really strange. My favorite is easily the multicolored monstrosity with the yellow grip and the tongue for a barrel. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that any of these guns will ever be made. Regardless, Raygun52 is an awesome and creative art project that definitely deserves a look. Who knows, someone someday could be staring down the barrel of a raygun featured here.