Ray Demski Photographs Epic Sport Motions

 - Apr 26, 2011
References: raydemski & fubiz.net
Ray Demski's action sequence photography might not be anything new, but its Matrix-like vibe is incredibly well-executed, giving it an original appeal that is both sharp and detailed. A clear fan of many sports, Demski has created a portfolio filled with intriguing movements that will surely get your heart racing as you browse through it.

Born in the rocky mountains of Western Canada, Ray Demski himself is a very active dude, partaking in activities such as skiing, kitesurfing and martial arts. When Demski embarked on a five-year voyage on his sailboat back in 2005, it struck up a new, more artistic passion for photography.

Since then, Ray Demski has shot for Red Bull and MTV, with his work appearing in Sport, Groove and more.