Amazing "Happy Flowers"

 - Feb 20, 2007
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What a gorgeous idea! Peter van de Werken of River Flowers, a Netherlands Company, has perfected a unique technique for changing each petal of a single rose (my favourite flower) to a different colour. Colours can be strongly contrasting (you may need sunglasses to look) or in subtle shades. They are not spraypainted, they grow while absorbing natural dye pigments through the stem. Choose the colours you want, mix and match a great addition to wedding themes or romantic personal tastes.

The roses themselves open up easily and last a long time although the leaves do suffer from dryness. The Roses were first presented to the public at the international Hortifair in Amsterdam and
they were an instant hit! Madonna, amongst others, was one of the first celebrities to be presented with a bunch of gleaming Rainbow Roses.

This revolutionary Flower innovation, has been presented in the UK as a new Development in the Flower Business, and now includes other blooming Varieties besides Roses.
A single stem is being sold for $6.

They have been dubbed "The Happy Flower" on a website of a similar name, the fact that they are so bright and cheerful is enough to make you feel "Happy"!

Please, Colour my world with the Beautiful, the Amazing, Rainbow Rose!