This Touch-Based Radio Design is Great for a Minimalistic Room Style

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: & gizmodo
This radio design by designers Celia Torvisco and Raphaël Pluvinage is the ideal piece, if you're going for that minimalist style for your room.

The 'Hibou,' french translation for owl, is a ceramic radio that's operated by touching its patter designs. Most radios are normally adorned with knobs and buttons, but the Hibou functions by simply touching the patterns on the ceramic radio. Each motif is designated towards a particular setting (power switch, volume and frequency).

The touch-object radio requires a very minimal amount of effort and strength, which makes it the ideal radio design for people who find turning knobs and pressing buttons a hassle or too exhausting. The Hibou is just the first step towards a touch-free radio device -- pretty soon people won't even need to touch a radio.