- Feb 2, 2008
References: quikpod
You've taken a photo of yourself -- admit it! The extended arm, head pushed back as far as possible to snap an image of yourself; although you're solo, you don't want to forget the moment. Or maybe you just really look to see yourself in photos. The truth is, and this may hurt some people, you look hideous in those pictures (unless of course you have long orangutan arms.)

I'm not telling you to stop taking those photos, I'm merely suggesting you pick up a gadget like the Quikpod. It's an extendable tripod for your camera designed precisely for those moment where you want to love yourself but there's no one to help you capture the moment. It works great for self-taken videos too, so you can record mini documentaries of yourself without the awkward double chin.

While it's been around for a while, it's now been perfected to extend 53," to allow even DSLR owners to use one so you can take professional quality photos of yourself.

For some reason couples in the honeymoon stages of their romance insist on taking unflattering photos of themselves kissing... and then posting them on Facebook for the world to see. If you know a couple like this, maybe you'd better forward on this article.

Prices start at $24.95, which isn't bad for something that could ensure the rest of your life is documented flatteringly. Start posing!