'Punch Hole Clouds' Make Fascinating Art Subjects

 - Dec 18, 2008
References: darkroastedblend
Global warming is always a hot topic, and the theory that there is a hole in the ozone creates much speculation, but there is a natural phenomenon, know as punch hole clouds. These astonishing images of "holes" in the sky are really holes in the clouds, and can be attributed to a combination of air traffic and thermal inversion. The rising and sinking air can create the holes, as can atmospheric (in)stability. Supercooled clouds remain liquid even though their temperatures are below freezing. The views from the space station show the holes appearing as cloud vortexes which occur when wind encounters a barrier.

The images conjure up all kinds of pictures in the sky; if you look closely, notice the effect of what appears to be surf, an angel, and a giant fist. The rolling super-cell clouds are the precursors for thunderstorms, and produce some amazing effects. Nature is a wonderful thing to behold.