New Site Lets You Send Prank Calls

Feeling monotonous lately with the routine chatting(and gossiping) with your friends?How about pulling some prank that will scare the wits out of your friend or friends,take your pick?

Well,here comes CallTheFuture, it lets you pull a prank on your friends by giving this program a time and number to call; you then specify the text to be said, and even what the caller ID should read on the other end, hit Enter and voila!This tool dials the number and a computer voice reads off the text.

You can be creative with whatever you will say,some examples would be the RIAA(that's the Recording Industry Association of America) and your friend's download history(winks..);or you could get this to better use by giving yourself a reminder or giving yourself an excuse to leave a date/family event, etc...