These Public Urinals Turn Urine Into Fertilizer for Plants

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: pplanter & gizmodo
The PPlanter public urinals become tree planters by composting the pee they collect to nourish pots of bamboo. These urinals are also odorless and seem to very pleasant looking as well. They have an eco-centric design executed by Hyphae Design Laboratory in Oakland.

All you have to do is step inside a small, semi-private booth, which is kind of like the typical bathroom stall. These ones, however, are on a sidewalk where men urinate into a basin. The small amount of water used then ‘flushes’ the urine to begin the filtering process. It’s ideally a win-win situation since you relieve yourself from finding a bathroom on the streets as the urine is filtered for a good cause in the end. These public urinals should be implemented within many cities as an eco-friendly idea.