4 Hour Work Week Gets Second Edition from Wiki

 - Mar 11, 2008
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Tim Ferriss has turned to public editing for the second edition of his best selling book, the 4-Hour Work Week

"Your ideas, collected via this open wiki, will play a massive part in influencing the future of 4HWW and an 'expanded and updated' edition in 2008 or early 2009," Ferriss explains.

Instead of guessing what his readers want, he's putting it in their hands to remove the guess work.

"I want an improved and expanded 4HWW to help propel the critical mass needed for large-scale institutional, and even policy-level, change. The book alone won't do it, obviously, but I believe it can play a small part as instigator.

"To my knowledge, this is the first time a NY Times bestseller has ever been made open to public editing. In fact, I haven't seen any traditionally-published book ever crowdsourced on a global scale."

Besides having the ability to contribute to the book, there's an opportunity to win a roundtrip ticket to anywhere in world. The winner will be the person who writes the best work as determined by Ferriss who emphasizes he values "quality over quantity."

That person will also have Ferris help them plan this "mini-retirement." In the past he's helped others escape on "a romantic trip to Bali," and on a tour of "hidden temples and Bladerunner-like coolness of Japan."

It's a very innovative approach to selling a book, with great potential to go viral!