The Public Compost Toilet Turns Human Waste into Plant Food

 - Jan 24, 2012
References: cargocollective & ecofriend
The greening of the porta pottie has officially begun with the design of the Public Compost Toilet. As its name suggests, this design turns human waste into plant food. Marta Visintin's public toilet turns both urine and feces into plant food while using a minimal amount of water.

The Public Compost Toilet is designed to store both types of human waste for further processing and use later as fertilizer. This toilet would be great for plants, but it would also be helpful to humans as well. The natural fertilizer created from human waste would release us of our dependence on chemical fertilizers. In addition, the strain on our sewage system would be lowered as this toilet uses as little water as possible (only 80ml to wash your hands) and none of its waste winds up going down the drain.