Psychic Interactive Robot

 - Oct 10, 2007
References: neimanmarcus
Would you pay $75,000 to have your fortune read by a psychic robot? The interactive fortune teller has the high tech ability to converse with users, answer questions, and even recognize a select number of faces.

The bearded, latex-faced soothsayer in a glass bubble is powered by 30 robotic motors and has the ultra-creepy ability to watch your every move! A pair of micro-cameras are installed into his eyes complete with motion sensors, so he'll be able to track all your actions.

If I did, for whatever reason, decide I wanted to shell out 75 grand for a conversational mystic robot, you could guarantee it would quickly find its way into a sealed chest in the attic. Duct taped.... padlocked...

This seer just sees way too much!

Then again, if you have nothing to hide, you can pick one up at Neiman Marcus.