Protexo Aims to Eliminate Late Night Asthma Attacks

 - Nov 28, 2011
References: airsonett & gizmag
Asthma sufferers are going to want to pay close attention to the progress of the Airsonnet's Protexo. Protexo is a new device designed to ease the suffering of those who get nighttime asthma attacks.

According to Airsonnet, the heat from a sleeping person's body rises at night and draws the cooler air above the person up. The air takes with it all of the particles and allergens present on bed sheets as it moves up the body, eventually settling at the head. Protexo blows filtered air slightly cooler than room temperature to counteract this. In a study conducted by Airsonnet, those who used Protexo for a year reported a 14 to 15 percent increase in their quality of life. There is currently no set date or price for Protexo, but this device is definitely one that asthmatics will want to keep their eyes on.