The Prooff #004 Niche Provides a Cozy Enclosure for Work and Leisure

 - Dec 6, 2012
References: prooff & prooff
Employees should really be offered the comfort of domestic furnishings at the office. Something like the Prooff #004 Niche would be invaluable in so many work environments, contributing greatly to people's comfort in the setting in which they spend most of their waking hours.

What we have here is essentially a couch with a form that's been significantly expanded upon. It's as if the armrests and backrest have been extended upwards into privacy partitions to about the height of the average standing person. If that wasn't enough to create an enclosure, the designer incorporated a ceiling overhead.

With the components covered in a soft material, the quirky configuration acts as a brilliant sound buffer for voices and noise inside and outside of the Prooff #004 Niche. When you're within it, you can have your silence or carry on a private yet audible conversation with someone adjacent.