The Project Google Birdhouse Maps Out Flight Destinations

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: shuchunhsiao &
Birds might not be able to use Google Maps, but with the Project Google Birdhouse, they can enjoy a semblance of it. It is almost as though the well-known location icon was made to be converted into an avian abode. With its soft shape, inverted peak and black center, it already sported a easy-to-follow schematic that would perfectly fit the lifestyle of a bird or two.

Created by Shu Chun Hsiao, an artist based in Taipei, Taiwan, the Project Google Birdhouse points out that although birds don't have access to computers, their experience of 'street view' is much more authentic that humans. Hsiao convincingly reasons, "Birds, have the most real experience of google map. Birds can fly through the city, through streets. A birdhouse becomes their destination as google map does."