The Illusory Profilini Bar Stool Looks Like it'll Collapse Under Weight

 - Feb 25, 2014
References: bakery-design
The Profilini Bar Stool has been assembled by an atypical method and finished in a curious way, potentially giving the prospective user some reservations about its stability. Created by Bakery Design, this peculiar perch comprises discernibly different elements that have been bolted together with robust hardware.

The rails that serve as foot ledges and structural bracing are made from single edges of four-sided components. The same tubular iron constructs the taller upper framework of the Profilini Bar Stool immediately beneath the seat sheet. Interestingly, the designer rotated the arrangement of the top and bottom structures, making the finished piece look more unsteady, despite the real stabilizing effect. Distinctive black and white paint jobs to the different portions enhance this optical deception.