Dress like a Winner in Pixie Market and Jared Gold Ribbons

The winner of this year’s funkiest accessory award? Prize ribbons! More specifically, the prize ribbon fashion by Pixie Market and Jared Gold.

Imported from Japan and crafted from black leather, Pixie Market’s take on prize ribbon fashion is priced at $132. They are a soft, subtle, and very feminine floral take on the prize ribbon brooch. 

In contrast, Jared Gold’s line, which runs for $23 (a collaboration with spokesmodel Clint Catalyst, pictured wearing the "FTW" prize pin) offers a sharp hint of playful attitude, featuring such slogans as 'Hater' and '#####.' Even Pauley Perrette of NCIS couldn’t resist Jared Gold's 'Epic' prize ribbon in its vivid shade of green (see gallery).

Whatever your pick, any one of these prize ribbons will instantly put your outfit in first place!