55DSL Ad Photos Traced for Manga Illustrations

 - Jul 16, 2008
References: 55dsl
A Japanese manga artist has been a subject of controversy over her latest illustrations that closely resemble one of 55DSL's Fall/Winter 2006 ad photos.

Based on her illustration in “Stand Vessel” manga series, Youka Nitta is obviously a big fan of the clothing brand.  Nitta admitted to copying the 55DSL's infamous “Kiss on the Ledge” to come up with her own black and white anime version.

While copying is clearly a violation of intellectual rights for most of us, 55DSL surprisingly took Youka's imitation as a form of flattery.  The Diesel subsidiary lightheartedly accepted the artist's apology.

Instead of suing the artist, 55DSL released a statement in its website saying, “Nitta, don't worry, we're not that kind of brand, we consider this a tribute, only the greatest are copied, right?”