Rei Nadal Juxtaposes Beauty in Sickly Areas in This Primal Scream Video

 - Mar 6, 2013
References: deathandmilk.tumblr & artnau
Directed by Rei Nadal, this Primal Scream video has a very morbid and sickly composition consisted of multiple scenes that are both intriguing as well as disturbing.

An asylum-like environment is present in most of the scenes. There is a very interesting scene of two lovers making out with their faces covered with beautiful head bands. It looks as though they have been punished for something and are in lust for human affection.

Aside from the unique compositions, Vincent Warin's cinematography is also simply stunning. The video complements the morbid feel of Primal Scream's song very appropriately and enchantingly.

There is an abundance of juxtapositions of beautiful beings in ugly situations in the video, such as the headbands and butterflies in the asylum.