The Perfect Pressure Mattress Varies in Firmness for Optimum Comfort

Unlike other pressure-relieving mattresses, the model designed by Earl Takefman at Perfect Pressure Inc. of Miami, Flordia, contacts the body with different levels of firmness to ensure that the consumer is fully supported in the right way.

The Perfect Pressure Mattress is designed to slightly raise the shoulders and hips of consumers so that blood can more easily flow through the body and bothersome pressure points are relieved so that they can get the best sleep possible and wake up feeling fully rested.

The results of this technology were proven in a blind comfort test that the company conducted with the help of a sleep expert from the Stanford University’s Sleep Sciences Clinic. The results showed that more consumers found the pressure-relieving mattress from Perfect Pressure Inc. to be their favorite, as well as contacted the body in the best way in terms of scientific comparisons.