The Element Water Closet Uses an In-Built Pressure System

 - Sep 16, 2013
References: newtech-enews & yankodesign
It's not by chance that we don't see a lot of those massive toilet reservoirs placed at the top of toilets, but the physics behind is largely maintained in the Element Water Closet. Because of the large space it takes to put a water reservoir above a toilet, designer David Hashimoto's Element Water Closet looks like a egg-shaped capsule that takes up less space than a conventional bowl toilet, and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its clean curvatures.

The Element Water Closet uses a built-in expandable rubber bladder and an electronically controlled pressure release valve which stops water from escaping the bladder. Once the flush button is pressed and the release valve is opened, the pressurized water in the bladder is released into the bowl as the lid above it closes. The Element Water Closet also comes with an electronic touchpad sensor control that allows users to flush the toilet , or raise the lid, the seat, or both with one touch.