US Airforce Rises To Meet President Obama's Energy Targets

 - Jan 27, 2011
References: upi
The United States Airforce is one of the most sustainable armed forces in the world, and recently announced that they would be quadrupling their solar energy generation over the next five years -- a vow that goes a long way towards upholding President Obama's energy targets from his 2011 State of the Union Address.

In 2010 the US Department of Defense spent over 25 billion on fossil fuels, and the organization is one of the country's largest consumers of non-sustainable energy. Despite this fact, however, the Air Force in particular has been pursuing an aggressive campaign to harness sustainable energy quickly and efficiently. By quadrupling their output of solar energy over the next five years in order to help meet President Obama's energy targets, they are strategically situating themselves as a military organization better prepared for the future than any other.