The PowerBridge is Perfect for Plug Management

 - Aug 29, 2009   Updated: Aug 9 2011
Hyukjae Chang's PowerBridge is a bridge-shaped surge protector that features outlets on the underside of the bridge to improve plug management and help keep the room look wire-free.

Hyukjae Chang's PowerBridge also has indicator lights on the top that display the amount of power being used by each particular device, making users aware of the energy consumption. This is quite a refreshing approach to the wire issue that everyone has in their home.

Implications - These are fantastic because most power strips are hidden because they are aesthetically unpleasant and so are the tangled cords they produce. The Power Bridge ends this unsightly occurrence for good, providing consumers with a bridge-shaped powerbar, with outlets underneath for more efficient (and less tangled) plug management. What's not to love?