Power Hungry by Hargreaves and Levin is Artistically Insightful

 - Nov 25, 2014
References: hargreavesandlevin & neatorama
The title of the Power Hungry photo series is not what a person might expect to see. Although it might seem like it should revolve around business people in suits, Power Hungry is actually meant to bring more awareness to the issue of world hunger. What makes the series particularly interesting is the stark contrast between one end of the table and the next.

A collaborative project by Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin, Power Hungry is beautifully captured. Hargreaves tells Buzzfeed, "This project began with a look at the foods historical dictators have eaten. Quickly, though, our endeavor evolved as we saw stark similarities between past and present. It became abundantly clear how authoritarian regimes throughout history have used food as a weapon, systematically oppressing, silencing, and killing people through starvatiion."