Postoperative Pillow Keeps Your Spine Aligned After a Medical Procedure

 - Jan 25, 2013
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Rest is critically important when you're on the road to recovery after a surgical procedure, but even lying down can cause a patient injury. The Postoperative Pillow has been designed to reduce the risk of such a painful occurrence by helping you to let your body relax and settle in in a natural and healthy position.

Minah Song of MAS Korea designed the innovative piece of therapeutic equipment. The OP Pillow acts as a cushioned brace to hold your head in place, encouraging you to sleep on your back with your spine in alignment. It can be laid down in one of two orientations, either with its curling corners surrounding your neck or embracing the crown of your head. Below the soft colorful lining of the Postoperative Pillow is a pair of pumps that inflate air pockets for the comfort of the user.