The Porter and Davies BC2 Vibrates in Time With the Kick Drum

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: porteranddavies & gizmag
The Porter and Davies BC2 lets percussionists feel the vibrations of the bass drum throughout their whole body. The drum throne vibrates in time with the bass drum, which sends signals up through the drummer's spine and into the ears as a sub-bass sound. This allows the player to hear the kick drum properly without having to turn the onstage levels way up or having to boot the heck out of the drum. This allows the drummer to hear the instrument properly without having it overpower the other instruments.

To operate the rumbling seat, a bass drum mic is run into the BC2 control box that sits beside the player during a set. Inside of the box is a splitter that runs a clear signal out of the box and a signal to trigger the vibrations in the seat. The Porter and Davies BC2 helps drummers feel the rhythm, literally, without causing the sound guy at the show a major headache.