This Portable Paper Shredder Lets You Destroy Documents On the Go

 - Feb 3, 2015
References: usb.brando
If you're a high-powered executive, lawyer, politician or other big shot who's always on the go and working from the back seat of your chaffeur-driven limo, you may run the risk of leaving around notes, cards and important documents that might contain incriminating information or secrets you'd rather not let others access.

That's where this USB Portable Paper Shredder comes in. This tiny and portable device lets you shred your confidential documents, papers, notes and business cards in the comfort of your car or wherever else you may be, allowing you peace of mind.

What's more, the USB Portable Paper Shredder is currently on sale from, and is available for the reduced price of $16.90 -- down from $22.50. A small price to pay to be able to shred your private documents and keep your peace of mind.