The Pop! Window Installation by Gemma Tickle Re-Imagines the Ordinary

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: darkroomlondon & trendland
Balloons have never as boxy as they do in the Pop! Window Installation. That is because they have been reinterpreted into Tetris-like shapes and even presented as such. If it weren't for the telltale tied mouth of a blown-up balloon, a person wouldn't even have questioned the inspiration behind the display.

Created by set designer Gemma Tickle and shot by photographer Catherine Losing, the Pop! Window Installation was commissioned by Darkroom, a London-based shop and incubator. On display until the end of the month, the images of the Pop! Window Installation will also be sold in limited numbers. Darkroom writes, "Playing with the expectation of how objects behave, you can create new versions of the everyday. ‘POP’ is a celebration of this, taking the essence of an object and reforming it to an impossibility."