The Tommy Hilfiger Spring Collection Housed in Traveling Cottage

Preppy is back in this spring with an adorable Tommy Hilfiger pop-up shop! Together with Lisa Birnbach, author of 'The Preppy Handbook' and 'True Prep,' Tommy Hilfiger is launching a capsule collection which will celebrate Hilfiger’s classic preppy looks -- with an interesting twist! The collection will be housed in an 800-square foot traveling pop-up shop built to replicate a traditional East-Hampton beach house.

The Tommy Hilfiger pop-up shop will open in New York City on April 28th, moving to two other unknown US cities as well as Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Stockholm, Madrid, Belgium, and Tokyo. The line will feature 60 pieces, accompanied by accessories usually found in the most upscale of East-Hampton country clubs, such as boat shoes, duck boots, Ping-Pong paddles and badminton rackets.

This creative twist on the pop-up shop, which has become a popular business idea, is the perfect way to celebrate the resurgence of the preppy look this season!