Pop Rock Styling a la Gaga at the Fix

Rock is back! And to prove it, Lady Starlight, the original fashion inspiration to Lady Gaga, has teamed up with fashion stylists The Alter Boys, who own Brooklyn-based fashion mekka Alter.

Together the three pop/rock fashion visionaries will be present at THE FIX, a pop-up boutique, that guarantees to dazzle customers with their expert in-house styling advice and to capture snapshots of the supreme pop rock looks that will be flying out the store.

On the weekend of April 23 to 25th, 2010, THE FIX promises to transform a 2000 sq ft Lower East Side location into a fashion hot spot, recreating the spirit of pop rock New York with live DJs, in-store styling and photoshoots, reminiscent of the happy window dancing days at Fiorucci in the 80s.

Smell the ambience in the video! It looks fun.
For location and info visit THE FIX.