Halo the Pool Playing Dog Captivates YouTube Users

 - Sep 8, 2009
References: youtube
Tired of playing pool with your buddies? Now you can play pool with your own "pawls" to spice up your pool games. Halo is a one of a kind dog who likes to play pool to spend his time with his owner. Although I'm quite embarrassed to admit it, you can see that Halo (who is a a dog for Christ's sake), is a far better pool player than most of us humans can ever dream to be.

Not only is Halo good at making simple straight shots, but he can also easily score using rebound shots to further humiliate everyone who still has problems making straight shots after spending countless hours playing pool to waste their time. Knowing that epic dogs like Halo exist, all dog owners should start training their dogs to play games with them. Who knows? Maybe someday, we'll even find a dog who wins a world pool championship tournaments.

The video of Halo the pool playing dog was posted just over two months ago and already has nearly 100,000 views.