The Pocket Chainsaw Gets You Through Tough Spots

 - Sep 19, 2011
References: thinkgeek
If you ever get stuck in a tough spot and need to saw your way out of it, then the Pocket Chainsaw will come in handy for those dire times of need. Curled up tight inside of a tin can, this 28-inch chain is unraveled into a trusty tool that can cut through any treacherous tree branch in less than 10 seconds. With fully functional bi-directional teeth, this Pocket Chainsaw is a fast and user-friendly tool that can come in handy when you are stuck in any sticky situation.

A great addition to any car or household emergency kit, you never know when you may need this powerful tool to help clear any obstacles that may get in your way. Don’t forget that with this tool comes great responsibility, so embrace your inner lumberjack by draping yourself in plaid and yelling "Timber" every chance you get.