- Aug 26, 2008
References: plurk is a step beyond social networking sites. It is a social journal; a time line that your friends, old and new, can provide commentary on.

I was first introduced to Plurk through a friend of mine. I signed up for it, free, and immediately fell in love with it. It is a way to instant message your friends without having to download anything.

"This isn't Billy Q. Poindexter's blog, no, no," the site says. "Instead, Plurk is an easy way to chronicle and share the things you do, the way you feel, and all the other things in between that make up your life, with the people close to you. It's instant gratification, instant self-indulgence, instant celebrity, instantly YOU. Share your life stream, live your life…"

Sign up and you too will become just as Plurk addicted as myself.