These Self-Portaits are Created Via Computer by Kemi Mai

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: drawinds.tumblr & stupidDOPE
Artist Kemi Mai creates pixelated portraits of herself using Photoshop. The 18-year-old taught herself to paint with pixels using the the Photoshop app on her tablet—talk about talent.

Her Tumblr blog called Drawinds features numerous of her stunning masterpieces. For using pixels, you surprisingly can’t even tell; they are flawless and smooth. The shadowing and dimensional facial features make it seem as if they were actually painted with a brush, not a track pad or computer mouse.

The backdrops are just as beautiful as illustrated Kemi is in front of them, with surreal, colorful details. Some images have leafy backgrounds, while others are prismatic. Some of her most stunning work just has a solid black background, which really defines her facial features.

These are very surreal pictures and you won’t believe your eyes that they are not physically snapped.