The Pivot Power Rugged Has a Reconfigurable Design to Accommodate Chaos

 - Mar 28, 2013
References: quirky
Domestic interiors and workplaces everywhere have come to collect more and more electronic devices and place greater demands on existing wall sockets. The Pivot Power Rugged -- like its other Pivot Power products -- provides additional plugs and the flexibility to arrange them your way.

What's different about this beefier Quirky-made power bar is that it's been designed specifically with the workshop in mind. A thick polycarbonate body can withstand being dropped and stepped on; a substantial round hub doubles as a handle and a hole for hanging. Its extension cord can be quickly wrapped up to eliminate loose cable and to keep a construction site tidy. The Pivot Power Rugged swivels out into two flexible arms to send sockets where you need them. The product has been manufactured in black and yellow to match the power tools that rely on it.